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Upload and download a file

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Using the UploadFile method to store and DownloadFile method to download a single file. Both methods have overloads that allow you to upload and download a file from and to memory instead of disk. See the "Upload data from a stream" and "Downloading data to a stream" for more information.

The example below shows you how to use the UploadFile and DownloadFile methods to upload and download a single file:

using System;
using ComponentPro.IO;
using ComponentPro.Net;


// Create a new class instance.
Scp client = new Scp();

    // Connect to the SCP server. 

    // Authenticate. 
    client.Authenticate("test", "test");

    // ... 
    // Upload file "c:\test.zip". 
    client.UploadFile("c:\\test.zip", "test.zip");

    // Download the "test.zip" file. 
    client.DownloadFile("test.zip", "c:\\test_download.zip");

    // ... 
    // Disconnect. 
catch (ScpException exc)
    Console.WriteLine("An error occurred: Code: {0}, Message: {1}", exc.Status, exc.Message);

    if (client.State != RemoteFileSystemState.Disconnected)