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SFTP Library for .NET, iOS, Android, UWP, and CF

Easily add comprehensive SSH Secure File Transfer capabilities to your .NET applications

Ultimate SFTP is a 100%-managed .NET class library that adds powerful SSH Secure File Transfer (SFTP) capabilities to your applications. It is fast, reliable, and feature-rich. Ultimate SFTP makes it possible to upload, download, create, delete, and check files and directories with a few lines of code.

Ultimate SFTP supports .NET Framework, .NET CF, Mono, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, and experimental platforms including Xamarin Mac, Universal Windows Platform, and Portable Class Library.


We have been testing some open source and commercial ZIP, FTP and SFTP components and I found that your components is stable and affordable for our budget.
This is without a doubt that we will purchase it for our project.
Oscar Williams - Software Architect VENTUS INC.
I'm really happy with your customer support. Your developers response very quick. Keep up the good work!
Burke Jones - Project Manager Marquam Group