How to apply your license key

After you have purchased a license from our online store, you should receive our registration email in 5 minutes. In this email we send a link to let you create an account on our system.

Once you have activated it and logged in, you will see the Account Dashboard. This page shows billing history and the list of purchased software products with corresponding license keys.

If you have purchased a bundle (e.g., Ultimate FTP Expert), you can use the key for all the components in the bundle; otherwise the key is for the single library only.

Starting from v7.1, we introduced a new way to apply the license for the licensed products. You only need to replace the trial key with the licensed key shown on the Dashboard above. It's recommended to put the code snippet at the beginning of your applications. Here is the list of the components with the corresponding code snippets to apply your license key:

Component Code Snippet
Saml ComponentPro.Licensing.Saml.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
Sftp ComponentPro.Licensing.Common.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
Ftp ComponentPro.Licensing.Common.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
Mail ComponentPro.Licensing.Common.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
BounceInspector ComponentPro.Licensing.Common.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
Terminal ComponentPro.Licensing.Common.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
Zip ComponentPro.Licensing.Common.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
SftpServer ComponentPro.Licensing.Common.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
Netkit ComponentPro.Licensing.Common.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
TemplateEngine ComponentPro.Licensing.TemplateEngine.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
EmailValidator ComponentPro.Licensing.Common.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
Word ComponentPro.Licensing.Word.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
Excel ComponentPro.Licensing.Excel.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
Pdf ComponentPro.Licensing.Pdf.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)
PdfViewer ComponentPro.Licensing.PdfViewer.LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey(yourLicenseKey)

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