Creating and sending an AuthnRequest

Today we will introduce an example on how to create an AuthnRequest and send it to your IdentityProvider using our Ultimate SAML component:

AuthnRequest request = new AuthnRequest();
request.IsPassive = false;
request.ProtocolBinding = SamlBindingUri.HttpPost;
request.AssertionConsumerServiceURL = "your url";

request.Issuer = new Issuer();
request.Issuer.NameIdentifier = "your name identifier";

request.NameIdPolicy = new NameIdPolicy();
request.NameIdPolicy.SpNameQualifier = "moodle.sp.myname";
request.NameIdPolicy.AllowCreate = true;
request.NameIdPolicy.Format = SamlNameIdentifierFormat.Persistent;

request.RequestedAuthnContext = new RequestedAuthnContext();
request.RequestedAuthnContext.Comparison = SamlAuthenticationContextComparison.Exact;
request.RequestedAuthnContext.AuthenticationContexts.Add(new AuthnContextClassRef(SamlAuthenticationContext.PasswordProtectedTransport));

request.SendHttpPost(Response, "http://mybaseurl", "my_relay_state");

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