Company Info and Our Mission

ComponentPro, a division of ATP Corp., is a leading provider of File Transfer, Mail, Document Formats, Compression, and SAML - Single Sign On components. We specialize in developing .NET tools and libraries for Windows developers and providing custom software development and consulting services. Building on our expertise in software development and Microsoft technologies we have helped customers create competitive applications on their markets since 2007.

Our Commitments:

  • Carefully designed: To ensure maximum compatibility and consistency with standards, our products are designed with a number of design principles.
  • Carefully developed: We understand that careful design is not enough, so that we not only run code analysis at daily and weekly automated builds, but also our developers run code analysis every time before checking in source code.
  • Fully tested: To ensure the quality of each release, our products are fully tested on various Windows Operating Systems with lots of unit tests, automated tests and manual tests.
  • Fully documented: To shorten your learning curve, we provide full documentation and lots of demos.
  • Whole-hearted support: We are here and always glad to help customers.
  • Customers

    Regardless of size, we have always treated all customers with the same respect and dedication. Our products are used by more than 10,000 developers at thousands of organizations in 80 countries. Our customers include many Fortune 500 companies, as well as renowned educational, governmental and non-profit institutions.


Over 10,000 customers globally integrate our libraries in their applications


Hear what customers say about our products

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve successfully used a custom signature to solve this problem, they are one of the best features of this product.

Franco Senior Developer Computershare

Beyond having an outstanding, easy-to-implement product (UltimateSftp), ComponentPro's customer service is the best I have ever experienced with a software company. I will use them for my future component needs and will highly recommend ComponentPro to my colleagues, as well.

Brian Marshall Senior Developer Midac Corp.

We have recently purchased the Mail Expert Package. We found the company not only provides an easy-to-use component but also the documentation is good as we expected. It helped us lots in studying a new component and shortened our development time.

Brian Woodring Project Manager Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

We found your components while starting a new project. I was very impressed with your Mail Expert Package, it provided us a sophisticated way to send dynamic email to our customers that we had never thought before. Keep up your great works.

Niels Andersen Senior Developer SONY Corp.

Thank you so much for your support. It worked on my end. I tried it in the test app. All the issues have been solved. I would like to take this opportunity to thank your support team. They go way beyond their limit to help their customers. I have already suggested your component to another company who is also doing the same implementation.

Venkatesh Rajkumar Senior Developer Pacific Source

I have used the Ultimate FTP Expert Package in my previous projects and I brought great value to these projects. It's powerful, flexible and professional. You have done a great piece of work!

Arun Siva Project Manager DELL Corp.

Having been using your Ultimate Studio Package for 5 months, and I would like to give your product 5 star rate, your product is one of the best products I've used in over 5 years of C# development. It's a real joy to work with!

Jack Berkhout Senior Software Developer - MCPD Microsoft Corp.

You have done a great job, the Template Engine component in the Ultimate Mail Expert Package is really powerful and easy to use. We now can overcome a series of issues with generating dynamic email contents.

Per Adams Independent Consultant ArandaSoft Corp.

It was a really good idea for me to switch from the previous suite to your Ultimate Studio few months ago. It has a modern design and the classes saved me a lot of time. Thank you very much...

Robert Osorio Senior Developer JPMorgan Chase

Our developers have been using the Ultimate Suite for over 6 mons now on an intranet web application. We were very impressed by the feature-set, the ease of use and the great online tutorials and code examples. I will recommend ComponentPro to my colleages.

Mark Deaney CTO PowerCT

We use Ultimate SFTP and FTP components in all of our web and windows applications. We find the Ultimate libraries full of great flexible and easy-to-use features that make the File Transfer programming easier than ever before. In addition, Their support is very professional.

David Clark Senior Software Engineer EmailDuty

We purchased it several months ago. I really appreciated the trial -- it gave us 100% confidence that the API was the right choice.

Peter Czarnecki Senior Developer Informco

I am impressed with the components in the Ultimate Studio package. I have been developing a commercial desktop application employing virtually all of components, I have found them to be amazing, easy to use and loaded with many features.

Peter Windsor Senior Software Developer Allocate Software

I spent five months testing several suites. The Ultimate FTP Expert package is superior in terms of functionality and stability. Also, their support is very professional.

Ben Hathaway Owner Hathology

I have been a user of Ultimate Studio package for more than 3 months. Their components are powerful and flexible. I rate them 5 star for the developer support.

Chris Calzaretta Senior Software Developer Quantesys

I'm really happy with your customer support. Your developers response very quick. Keep up the good work!

Burke Jones Project Manager Marquam Group

With their quick response, now I can easily solve my issue by adding a few lines of code to my application. And EXCELLENCE is the word best describes your products.

David Callaghan Software Engineer SIEMENS

We have been testing some open source and commercial ZIP, FTP and SFTP libs and I found that your components is stable and affordable for our budget. This is without a doubt that we will purchase it for our project.

Oscar Williams Software Architect VENTUS INC.

Your customer support is amazing. Detailed code examples and a friendly and helpful online documentation. Your components are amazing.

Brian Shackelford Software Architect Municipal Technologies

Your products are great. It makes my life so much easier. Now I only need to focus on business logic instead of having to deal with many limitations of the .NET framework.

Geoff Suddard Software Developer Office Choice Limited

I have spent lots of effort on researching FTP and SFTP tools on the market, I've found Ultimate FTP Expert to be the most flexible and easy-to-use. Now I spend less time on learning on how to use the components and more time focusing on developing our business logic layer. I will recommend this software to my friends.

Sailaja Hima Team Leader Booya Ventures

In the past I used an ActiveX lib which was so buggy to integrate it into my .NET app. After many trials and errors, I decided to buy a true component. This Ultimate SFTP to be more expensive than some other competitors. But I still gave it a try. The API is very easy to understand and well documented. Without hesitation, I decided to choose the Company license of this component over other competitors.

Kevin Hoot Consultant Health Asset Management Inc

The Ultimate SAML is solid, very easy to use. I have used some other library and I can assure anyone buying that this is the best SAML library for .NET around. Their response time is impressive.

Todd Joseph Senior Software Engineer HealthcareSource

I wanted my applications to have that bit extra, instead of just being plain and using the standard .NET FTP class. They provide excellent functionality and excellent design and usability. Well done! Highly recommended.

Mikael Stensson Software Developer Card Network Solutions AB

Your products are great. I have been using it since the first beta version.

Jeff N Editor SIEMENS

I found this FTP client through search engine. This one has modern UI but best of all it is FREE.

Hoan Duc Software Engineer FXPro