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New Release! Ultimate Studio Q1 2020

We are pleased to announce Ultimate Studio Q1 2020. This is an exciting release. We have several bug fixes and new options for Search methods in the File System.

SAML updates

ASP.NET Core fix

We have added text/html content type to the POST forms to fix some issues related to 'Data not posted to the server' in ASP.NET Core in some cases.

New IAuthnContextRef interface

We have added IAuthnContextRef interface to our SAML library to make it possible to iterate through all items in AuthenticationContexts property of RequestedAuthnContext class. Now both AuthnContextClassRef and AuthnContextDeclRef classes implements this new interface. You dont need to type casting an item retrieved from this property to either AuthnContextClassRef or AuthnContextDeclRef anymore to get the Uri value.

Signature fix in PDF

There was an issue with the PDF signature in the previous version that caused the digital signature signing method to cause a NullReferenceException. This has been fixed.

New SearchOptions in FileSystem

To make it more convenient to perform a file search, we have added a new class named SearchOptions. It's added to some overloads of the Search and SearchAsync methods of the FileSystem class. This makes it easier for adding more fields in the future.

Improved and bug fixes in network core

We have also made some improvements to our internal core classes to fix some networking issues.

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