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Ultimate Studio 2015 is released

This new Ultimate Studio includes the following updates:


Xamarin iOS components:
  • Fixed an issue in the assemblies that Xamarin did not recognize the InternalVisible attribute (Xamarin's bug)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Write and Read methods of classes that implement the AbstractFileInfo class to throw the NullReference exception.
  • Fixed several bugs related to Font in ComponentPro.PdfInspector which is mainly used to find and extract texts
  • Fixed some bugs related to SamlObject events
  • Allows response to end prematually when sending redirect requests.
  • Added several examples demonstrating Salesforce acting as an IdP.
  • Reduced some unnecessary commands when transferring files for better performance
  • DontGetFileInfoBeforeTransferring property is obsoleted, FileInfoPartsToGetBeforeTransferring property is used instead
  • Added ThreadStateChanged event to the FileSystem class get notified when thread state is changed while in a multi-thread file transfer
  • Fixed a bug that might cause the Ftp or Sftp to hang when transferring files with multiple threads
  • Added support for more encryption algorithms to .NET CF components
  • Fixed the bug that caused infinite loop in MailMerge
  • Improved support for Outlook Delivery Report message
  • Added support for multiple DSN records in one message
  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception when deleting and updating an existing archive item in a transaction.
  • Fixed several minor bugs in file compression and decompression.

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