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Ultimate Studio v6.1.41201 Released

This release includes the following updates:

FTP.Mobile, BounceInspector.Mobile, Mail.Mobile

  • Fixed a bug that caused NotSupportedException when connecting to some secure servers in Implicit mode.


  • Improved support for IBM FTP Servers.


  • Fixed a bug in Multi-thread file transferrer class that might cause the client to hang in a rare case   


  • Fixed a bug that caused reference confliction in .NET Client Profile
  • Added assembly for Web
  • Added support for finding text
  • Fixed some bugs that caused OverflowException


  • Added ServiceProvider-Initiated MVC example


  • Fixed a bug that caused Invalid Checksume when extracting some GZip files.
  • Improved performance of the internal ziplib classes.
  • Improved performance of Tgz class when opening huge files.

Online Documentation

  • Added more task-based (async and await) asynchronous examples.

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