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Ultimate Studio v6.8 is released


Based on the customers' comments, we have added several new MVC examples to help developers get started easily. From now on, we use a new automated build system and bug tracking system to help us deliver new features and bug fixes faster.


The component now includes all the missing MVC examples that customers have requested. Some existing MVC examples also got updated.


With some modifications, our FileSystem class is now more extensible, making it possible to write your virtual file system or extend the functionality of the existing ones. This release also includes several security issues and critical bugfixes.


We fixed an issue with loading certificates on UWP.

Mail, Bounce Inspector

We have improved the logging capability of the component by adding ILogger interface to the Imap, Pop3, and Smtp classes. This release also includes some bug fixes related to UWP and TLS 1.2.

The complete list of changes in this version is here: Ultimate Studio v6.8 Release Note

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