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LionFTP Overview

Transfer, move, delete, and manage local and remote files and directories with ease

LionFTP is a FREE and easy-to-use FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client. It lets you manage and transfer files between your computers and servers securely and efficiently. LionFTP is written in C# using our award winning Ultimate FTP, Ultimate SFTP and Ultimate ZIP components.

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Feature Overview

  • Fluent interface with ribbon bar
  • Support FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Support FTPS aka FTP/SSL
  • Support SFTP (Secure File Transfer over SSH)
  • All the common FTP and SFTP operations
  • Parse listings automatically.
  • Supports Multi-threading and transfer queue

High-performance and Reliable

LionFTP uses the high-performance Ultimate FTP and Ultimate SFTP as the core libraries to transfer files, making file transfer fast and reliable. For some reason if your connection is broken LionFTP automatically reconnects to the server and resume the interrupted transfer. As a benefit your files are still transferred completely even when your connection is intermittently broken.

ultimate ftp is optimized for performance

Virtually Detect and Parse any FTP and SFTP Directory Listing Format

There are a wide range of FTP listing formats and writting a program from scatch that supports almost all of them may be a nighmare. But dont worry our component can accurately detect and parse virtually any common FTP listing formats. In addition if you find a rare listing format, you can handle the ListItemReceived item to implement a custom FTP listing parser.


You can configure LionFTP to use up to 10 background workers to transfer files simultaneously. As a result your files get transferred approximately 3 times faster than transferring files one by one.

Authentication Methods

In addition to basic username/password authentication LionFTP also supports the following authentication:

  • User, password, account (FTP)
  • Client certificate (FTP)
  • Public key authentication (SFTP)

Firewall and Proxy

In addition to HTTP, Socks4, Socks4A and Socks5 proxy servers support, LionFTP also lets you connect to your FTP servers through FtpSite, FtpUser, and FtpOpen proxy server types.


Your products are great. I have been using it since the first beta version.
Jeff N - Editor SIEMENS
I found this FTP client through search engine. This one has modern UI but best of all it is FREE.
Hoan Duc - Software Developer FXPro

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