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Ultimate PDF Viewer Control for .NET WinForms

A high-performance and feature-rich PDF Viewer Control for .NET WinForms

Ultimate PdfViewer is a control that adds PDF document visualization to your .NET WinForms applications. The library has a navigation toolbar and a PDF viewer control that let user view documents easily and quickly. It also support on-demand loading to improve performance of your applications when loading larger PDF documents.

Intuitive and Fully Documented API

Open and view Acrobat PDF documents with a few lines of code using the intuitive API of ComponentPro's Ultimate PDF Viewer Control. By using 100% managed code written in C#, the component takes advantage of the numerous built-in features of the .NET Framework to enhance performance, moreover, the library is CLS compliant, and it does not use any unsafe blocks for minimal permission requirements.

Our classes are fully documented with detailed example code which helps you shorten the learning curve. If your development environment is Visual Studio, enjoy the full integratation of the online documentation. Just mark or select a keyword and press F1 in your Visual Studio IDE, the online documentation is represented instantly.

ultimate pdf viewer is intuitive and fully documented API

Supports .NET WinForms

Developers can use the library in any .NET languages like C#, VB.NET, J#, C++, and F#. The following lists all supported platforms:

  • .NET Framework: 4.0, 4.5, 4.5.1


  • Supports latest PDF specification
  • No Adobe PDF Automation
  • Open document from file or stream
  • Pan or Zoom mode
  • Annotations
  • Find Forward and Find Backward
  • Navigation Toolbar
  • PDF Viewer's Context Menu
  • Printing, Print Preview, and Page Setup
  • Native .NET WinForms Control