Create, load, and modify Excel files with ease

A high-performance and reliable Excel library which lets you add create, load, and manipulate Excel documents right in your .NET applications quickly with a few lines of code.

Ultimate Excel - import, create and modify XLS and XLSX files quickly

Ultimate Excel's Key Features

Workbook Features

  • Create an Excel workbook from scratch
  • Modify an existing workbook
  • Open an existing Excel document from file or stream
  • Save document to file, stream, or display in the client browser
  • On-demand loading when Excel file contains multiple worksheets
  • Show and hide worksheets
  • Add custom XML documents
  • Extract custom XML documents
  • Access, create or modify document properties
  • Read and write formulas and functions.
  • Add or edit named ranges
  • Use named ranges for the calculation for a range of cells
  • Set or edit formula auditing settings
  • Automatic and manual calculation switch

Import and Export

  • Supports for importing data with sources from DataSet, DataTable, DataColumn, DataView, and Array
  • Import data source which can also be from Business Objects, dynamic objects
  • Supports for importing data on-the-fly from various external sources like Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Excel
  • Optimize memory usage when importing large amounts of data
  • Export data from Excel document to targets like DataTable, DataView, etc.


  • Create and edit 2-D charts
  • Create and edit 3-D charts
  • Create and edit custom charts
  • Create and edit sparklines.
  • Supports for pivot tables
  • Create and edit pivot tables
  • Supports for various pivot table settings like the visibility of field list, page, row & column filters, collapse button, header captions, field caption and field option, etc.

Worksheet Features

  • Supports for formatting
  • Create and edit conditional formatting
  • Autofit or resize rows and columns
  • Set or edit cell border settings
  • Set or edit all the cell text alignments
  • Set or edit number formats
  • Set or edit fill settings
  • Set or edit font settings
  • Get and apply header and footer settings
  • Set or edit horizontal and vertical page breaks
  • Set or edit custom page breaks
  • Supports for various page setup settings such as paper size, margins, orientation, scaling, etc
  • Supports for applying print settings
  • Copy ranges across worksheets
  • Supports for different copy options for range copy
  • Move ranges across worksheets
  • Supports for Excel 2007 themes
  • Add or copy worksheets in the same workbook or across workbooks
  • Macros preservation
  • Converts an entire worksheet into a single image
  • Converts a specific range of a worksheet into a single image
  • Converts charts to images

Supports for Shapes, Images, Link, OLE, Row, and Columns

  • Create and edit auto shapes
  • Create and edit text boxes
  • Create and edit checkboxes
  • Create and edit combo boxes
  • Create and edit comments
  • Row and column manipulation
  • Set or edit settings to freeze, unfreeze, and split panes
  • Hide or unhide rows and columns
  • Merge or unmerge cells
  • Add and remove images in worksheets
  • Set or edit background images
  • Add, delete, and modify hyperlinks
  • Group/ungroup rows and columns
  • Add/edit subtotals of grouped data
  • Add and remove OLE objects

Data and Security

  • Create and edit data validation
  • Set or edit auto-filters to filter data
  • Set or edit data sorting
  • Find and replace worksheet data
  • Open encrypted documents
  • Encrypt and save documents
  • Protect/unprotect workbook
  • Protect/unprotect worksheets
  • Lock/unlock cells (write protection)

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Supported Platforms

List of the supported platforms

.NET Framework:
2.0, 3.0, 3.5. 4.0, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7; both 32-bit and 64-bit editions
OS: Windows XP or later
Visual Studio: 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017


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