• Will my purchased license expiry and that I won't be able to use it after the expiration date?

    Your purchased software is perpetual, and it still works after its subscription expired. The subscription is for software product updates and support only. When it's close to your expiry date, our system sends some notification emails to remind you about the renewal. The emails contain instructions to renew your subscription. If you wish not to update, ignore the email.

  • How does your licensing handle redistribution rights?

    All our licenses are royalty free. The licensed software can be used in:

    • Internal projects for your company
    • SaaS applications
    • Applications that are deployed to end-user computers
    • Open-source projects but our source code must not be disclosed and if any customers of your open-source projects want to use the projects for commercial purposes must pay appropriate licenses of our products.

    If your desired use falls under any of these categories listed above, please get in touch with our sales team at sales@componentpro.com. We are happy to discuss your needs and see what we can do to accommodate your case.

  • Are the support packages different for the different licenses?

    Yes, each license has a different support package.

    License Type Trial License Standard License Premium License
    Support Package Trial Standard Priority
    All issues addressed by Senior Support Engineers No Yes Yes
    Issue escalation to product development teams No No Yes
    Priority involvement in Beta Programs No Yes Yes
    Access to support forum Yes Yes Yes
    Access to priority support channels for quickest service No No Yes
    Unlimited Web-based requests using Support Ticket Management Yes Yes Yes
    Major version updates for 1 year No Yes Yes
    Full Product Source Code in C# No No Yes
    Validity 30 days 1 year 1 year
  • What are the advantages of the License with Source Code?

    The Premium License with Source Code and Priority Support is the best choice for professional developers. Below you will find the reasons why our customers prefer this licensing option:

    • 1 Year Subscription: Your subscription includes a full year of free updates and product support. That takes advantage of the latest and greatest Ultimate products. ComponentPro has the most aggressive product roadmap releasing new products and updates 2 times per year. The subscription renewal price is only 35% of the list price of the Subscription License.

    • Source Code: The license provides you with full C# source code.

    • Priority Support Package: As a Subscription holder, you get our Priority Support Package which guarantees that your support inquiries will be answered within 12h (Mon-Fri). Please make sure you include your Order ID in your request.

    The source code benefit is not available in the Standard License. If you purchase a Standard subscription, you will not be entitled to source code access. The Standard License comes with Standard Support Package - the guaranteed response time is 48h (Mon-Fri).

  • Can I use the product(s) after my subscription expires?

    You can continue using the products that were licensed to you during the subscription term even after the subscription expires. In case you would like to continue to receive product updates and support, you need to renew your subscription.

  • Can I upgrade from a purchased license to another one?

    Within the first 30 days, you are able to switch to another license that its price is greater or equal to the price of the original license. To proceed, please email us at sales@componentpro.com.

  • How do you license your Developer licenses?

    Our Developer Licenses allow 1 developer to work with the design-time product. If you purchase a license for multiple products, i.e., Ultimate Studio license, still only 1 developer would be able to use the ComponentPro tools.

    The Developer Licenses are perpetual and have NO deployment limitations - they allow the use of our controls for an unlimited number of applications spanning various servers and domains. In contrast to competitive products, the ComponentPro Developer License works WITHOUT license keys, and you can be certain that you will never get a license key error.

  • I purchased a Developer License a couple of weeks before your major version release. Am I eligible for a free upgrade?

    Yes, we offer free major version product updates if your subscription has not expired.

  • What happens with my support package when my subscription expires?

    Both the Standard and Priority support packages expire after 1 year. If you want to renew your support, you need to renew/purchase a subscription license for one of the suites. If you decide not to renew your support package, you will still be able to use the forum and KB articles, but you will not be able to take advantage of the online ticketing system or e-mail support.

  • Which license should I purchase if I want to buy the Source code?

    The source code is available with the Premium License with Source Code and Priority Support. To note, as part of the license you will also receive source code updates during the 1-year subscription term.