Code shows error as licenece expired even though we have bought the product

Hello team, I am getting this error while running my code. Even though we are using the latest key what you have provided. ComponentPro.Licensing.PdfViewer.UltimateLicenseException HResult=0x80131500 Message=Your license key for ComponentPro.PdfViewer is expired or used for an older version. Please contact ComponentPro Sales Team at If you already have a license, please log in to our portal at to apply the license key shown on the account dashboard page. Source=ComponentPro.PdfViewer StackTrace: at ComponentPro.Licensing.PdfViewer.LicenseManager.c_d9a0e5d3(String ) at ComponentPro.Windows.UI.PdfViewer.c_cad09bf2() at ComponentPro.Windows.UI.PdfViewer.CreateChildItems(ProElement parent) at ComponentPro.Windows.ProControl.c_f0b85cb8(ProElement ) at ComponentPro.Windows.ProElementTree.InitializeRootElement() at ComponentPro.Windows.ProControl.Construct() at ComponentPro.Windows.ProControl..ctor() at ComponentPro.Windows.UI.PdfViewer..ctor() at _81zApp.MainForm.InitializeComponent() in C:\Users\ng8c0f2\Documents\Automation\PortableGit\Repos\008_81z\81zApp\MainForm.Designer.vb:line 46 at _81zApp.MainForm..ctor() in C:\Users\ng8c0f2\Documents\Automation\PortableGit\Repos\008_81z\81zApp\MainForm.vb:line 50 Regards, Naim username:
asked 5/28/2021 10:16:18 AM
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Hi, please try following steps: 1. Check if the license key is set using correct function, and place at the very start of the program, before any related API. 2. Update the latest version on your dashboard, or get it on NuGet Gallery. 3. Apply correct license key
answered 5/31/2021 7:26:27 AM
  Still issue persists.. I am not able to put pdfviewer in the form. Please find the attached error Naimuddin 6/10/2021 10:52:58 AM
  not able to put picture here, Sent to Naimuddin 6/10/2021 10:59:42 AM
  ok, may wait, they could help Martin Naude 6/15/2021 8:39:33 AM
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