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Hi Support Team, we have UltimateDocument Expert for .NET licence. We have developed an application hosted on IIS which allows us using WCF generate multiple types of documents, most often DOCX and PDF. From time to time we face a strange problem. One of the WCF calls works fine until an error "Your license key for ComponentPro.Word is expired or used for an older version." occurs. Then, the call fails until IIS application pool is recycled. Then it works for a while and the whole thing repeats itself. Other calles still works. It looks like the error in this article Any idea what is the cause of the problem and how to resolve it? Thanks in advance.
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asked 9/24/2021 1:12:08 PM
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Hello Stanislav, Please send your license related query to For better assistance. Thanks
answered 9/28/2021 6:30:17 AM
  Hello Martin, we tried to contact sales department, unfortunately they do not respond. However, we don't think this problem is related to license, because the application and the document creation work properly most of the time. We've set up more frequent automatic recycling of the application pool, so that the application runs without error for the last month. But we still think it could be a problem. In my opinion, the reason is some memory overflow. It would be good if the developers looked at this error, because we are not the only ones with it. Stanislav 11/4/2021 9:52:28 AM
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