ComponentPro.Pdf.PdfException: Unexpected token c_YSU before xxxxx

This error has been occurring frequently when merging larger number of pdf files. It has caused the unavailability of reports to our users. Please help! ComponentPro.Pdf.PdfException: Unexpected token c_YSU before xxxxx at c_XTU.c_YH(c_N5U c_ZA, String c_ECC) at c_XTU.c_COA() at c_RTU.c_HJE(c_SJN c_PBN) at c_G.c_HJE(c_SJN c_PBN) at c_QJN.get_c_VCG() at c_QJN.c_HJE() at c_QJN.get_c_M5N() at c_QJN.c_NMA(c_BPT c_JVA) at c_LJN.c_ZDV(c_BPT c_JVA) at c_LJN.c_NMA(c_BPT c_JVA, Boolean c_EEV) at c_LJN.c_NMA(c_BPT c_JVA) at c_VVU.c_TJO(c_SJN c_BCA, c_MJP c_HWP) at c_G.c_DXU(c_SJN c_BCA, c_MJP c_HWP, c_XLT c_JVA) at c_G.c_CXU(c_SJN c_BCA, c_XLT c_JVA) at c_G.c_YVU(c_XLT c_JVA) at c_G.c_NMA(c_XLT c_JVA) at ComponentPro.Pdf.PdfDocument.Save(Stream stream) Our code excerpts: using ComponentPro.Pdf; ........... PdfDocument mergedDoc = new PdfDocument(); PdfDocumentBase.Merge(mergedDoc, reports.Select(x => x.ReportObject).ToArray()); MemoryStream outStream = new MemoryStream(); mergedDoc.Save(outStream);
asked 2/7/2020 7:07:11 PM
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