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Hello, For some time we have had issues with clients using CrushFTP to connect via SFTP to our application which integrates Component Pro for our app's SFTP libraries. The error message is "Server Signature Not Valid", when googling we have found there are a few hits for workarounds and it appears to be a common issue with CrushFTP and other SFTP libraries as well. We were able to verify the error occurs when both RSA and DSA are enabled for the encryption algorithm. When we create a custom SFTP connection using a different port and **disable DSA**, the connection and file transfers are successful. Is this a known issue that Component Pro has looked into resolving? There are some breadcrumbs on the internet that also document this issue. pro crushftp server signature is not valid&oq=component pro crushftp server signature is not valid&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAMyBQghEKsCOgcIABBHELADOgUIIRCgAToHCCEQChCgAVDQgQVY6qgFYOipBWgCcAJ4AYABtgGIAcALkgEEMjEuMpgBAKABAaoBB2d3cy13aXrIAQjAAQE&sclient=gws-wiz&ved=0ahUKEwirr9iYu6PvAhWjGVkFHdTDD5YQ4dUDCA0&uact=5
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