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We have a client who just swapped out their internet to T-Mobile and now our application has stopped working. They noted this: > Other users of T-Mobile Home (or business) 5G internet have also > reported problems with FTP transfers. > > Several users on forums have reported that FTP will, indeed, work if > you do the following in the FTP client: > > Turn off PASV (Passive) mode and use Active Mode. It may be necessary > to use Port Mode if that's available. Also, there may. be a mode > called EPSV. Use that if available. > > Here's what one use wrote and explained: > > Here's the heart of the T-Mobile Home Internet FTP problem. T-Mobile > Home Internet ISP is IPV6 and my Cox Cable ISP is IPV4. The older PASV > FTP command (the default for at least my CuteFTP program) works > perfectly on Cox Cable ISP but won't work on T-Mobile Home Internet > IPV6. What did work is changing Data connection type in my FTP program > from "Use global settings" to "Use EPSV" > > "So, what's the difference now between EPSV and PASV? Or Extended > Passive Mode and Passive Mode? The main difference is that EPSV and > Extended Passive Mode are primarily designed to accommodate both IPV4 > and IPV6 addresses, while the older PASV command and Passive Mode > could only support IPV4." > > https://www.jscape.com/blog/what-is-the-ftp/s-epsv-command-and-when-do-you-use-it So, the question becomes, does the ComponentPro FTP have the ability to use other connection modes - other than PSV?
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