FtpExpert vb.net sample in UltimateStudio v7.0.225.19 is missing

vb.net sample for FtpSftpClient in UltimateStudio v7.0.225.19 is missing.
asked 11/22/2018 5:31:42 PM
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We have found several issues in the latest toolbox packages for vs2017. They were not present in the previous VS2017 update. Another revision is coming which will address those issues. ## UPDATE 1: The latest build 7.0.226 has fixed those issues. If the toolbox is not showing, follow the steps below: - Close all VS2017 processes - Uninstall the Studio package and make sure there are no MSBuild processes - Run `Devenv /ResetSkipPkgs` in console and install the Studio package again - Open VS2017 - If it's not shown up, send us `ComponentPro.Toolbox.log` log file in `%TEMP%` folder or Install.log in the installed folder for our check.
edited 11/23/2018 8:02:42 AM
answered 11/22/2018 5:49:14 PM
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