Getting List of new (Not downloaded) mails from Inbox only using POP3 Client


Dear ComponentPro

I am trying to develop a email module(similar to outlook) to be used with our winform application.  I would like to develop Inbox using POP3 Client for now. I have studied your sample application for pop3 client and need some help to develop this module. I have some points which i would like to get clear before starting this module.

1. Can we just get the list INBOX mails. The sample retrives all INBOX and SENT Mails.
2. As I will be saving the emails(and attachements) database/filesystem, is there any way to get mails which we havent downloaded yet. Or I simply have to get list all mail and compare them with the mail I have already saved to my database/ file system.
3. Can we set  flages 'Read', 'Unread' to emails. and sync them between emailserver and my client application.

Vikram S Kandari

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asked 1/5/2012 12:36:51 PM
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POP3 allows you to download new messages only. If a message has been downloaded, you cannot download it next time. There is no Flag setting functionality in POP3. Please let us know your code segment using the component.
answered 11/16/2017 12:41:36 AM
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