Getting "Server Signature is not valid" on connecting to AIX server (Open SSH 8.1)

On connecting to AIX Server, we are getting "**SSH - Negotiation failed. Server signature is not valid**". I am attaching Verbose logs of the same. Connections to same server is working fine with WinSCP. I tried the solution from this post, but it did not help. Here is the link to the Verbose logs: Here is code for connection - this.newclient = new ComponentPro.Net.Sftp(this.components); if (_loginSettings.SftpServer != null) { if (_loginSettings.SftpServer.Length > 0 && _loginSettings.SftpPort > 0) { try { newclient.Connect(_loginSettings.SftpServer, _loginSettings.SftpPort); } catch (Exception ex) { CommonFunctions.WriteLogInFile("Connection with DSS failed. Attempting with RSA - " ex.StackTrace "\n", ex); newclient.Config.PreferredHostKeyAlgorithm = SecureShellHostKeyAlgorithm.RSA; newclient.Connect(_loginSettings.SftpServer, _loginSettings.SftpPort); } if (newclient.IsConnected) { AuthenticateClient(); } } }
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