How to implement OAUTH 2.0 in Outlook using Ultimate Mail

Hi I'm trying to authenticate use OAUTH2 token based authentication for Outlook but not able to get authenticated. Whenever Authenticate is called using a token [**Authenticate(string Token, ImapAuthenticationMethod ImapAuthenticationMethod.OAuth2)**] it throws the following error ComponentPro.Net.Mail.ImapException: **AUTHENTICATE failed (NO).** at ComponentPro.Net.Mail.Imap.c_47d8efdd(String , ImapResponse , Boolean ) at ComponentPro.Net.Mail.Imap.c_56b07853(String ) at ComponentPro.Net.Mail.Imap.c_5e2380a4(String , String , ImapAuthenticationMethod , c_e ) at ComponentPro.Net.Mail.Imap.c_c224912a(String , String , ImapAuthenticationMethod ) at ComponentPro.Net.Mail.Imap.Authenticate(String token, ImapAuthenticationMethod method) I'm using the following code: try { var _task = Task.Run(() => { return GetAccessToken(); }); _task.Wait(); var tokenResult = _task.Result; AccessToken = tokenResult.AccessToken; MailClient = new Imap(); MailClient.Config = new ImapConfig() { AllowedTlsVersions = TlsSslVersion.TLS12 }; MailClient.Connect("", 993, SslSecurityMode.Implicit); string initAuthInfo = GenerateSASLToken(); MailClient.Authenticate(initAuthInfo, ImapAuthenticationMethod.OAuth20); if (MailClient.IsAuthenticated) ReadMailbox(); else throw new Exception($"User authentication failed."); } catch (Exception ex) { throw ex } finally { if (MailClient.IsConnected) MailClient.Disconnect(); } private async Task GetAccessToken() { try { var confidentialClientApplication = ConfidentialClientApplicationBuilder .Create(ClientId) .WithClientSecret(ClientSecret) .WithTenantId(TenantId) .Build(); var scopes = new string[] { "" }; return await confidentialClientApplication.AcquireTokenForClient(scopes).ExecuteAsync(); } catch (Exception ex) { throw; } } private string GenerateSASLToken() { string authData = string.Format("user={0}{1}auth=Bearer {2}{1}{1}", UserName, '\x1', AccessToken); return Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(authData)); } If I use the same credential (SASL token) and call the **SendCommand** the response received is **OK AUTHENTICATE completed.** MailClient.SendCommand("AUTHENTICATE", new object[2] { "XOAUTH2", initAuthInfo }); ImapResponse _response = MailClient.ReadResponse(); Regards
asked 12/9/2022 8:53:06 AM
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Hi Your error suggests a scope issue . Check below post [NO AUTHENTICATE failed][1] This can solved by using correct scope suggested by Microsoft For Microsoft, we recommend or, and offline_access. Thank you for contacting us [1]:
edited 12/29/2022 11:28:05 AM
answered 12/29/2022 11:27:50 AM
  Hi Martin I'm using **ConfidentialClientApplicationBuilder** since the application is an unattended application and the only scope allowed in this scenario is "". If I use the interactive mode using **PublicClientApplicationBuilder** the scopes "" or "", and "offline_access" are allowed. Please suggest how to authenticate in case of an **unattended application (daemon application)**. Alok Agrawal 1/4/2023 2:44:10 PM
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