Order ID : CU17906P-3 : License Key issue for ComponentPro.HtmlToPdf.x64.dll

Hi, My Order ID : CU17906P-3. I am trying to use my License key for creating the PDF from HTML using ComponentPro.HtmlToPdf.x64.dll. But it gives me the license key expiry error. Kindly assist. **Error:** ComponentPro.Licensing.HtmlToPdf.UltimateLicenseException: Your license key for ComponentPro.HtmlToPdf is expired or used for an older version. Please contact ComponentPro Sales Team at sales@componentpro.com. If you already have a license, please log in to our portal at https://www.componentpro.com/account to apply the license key shown on the account dashboard page.
edited 3/9/2022 4:52:31 AM
asked 3/8/2022 10:58:04 AM
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Hi , Please download latest version of ComponentPro.Licensing.HtmlToPdf [ComponentPro.Licensing.HtmlToPdf][1] [1]: https://www.nuget.org/packages/ComponentPro.HtmlToPdf/
answered 3/17/2022 8:44:56 PM
  It's not working after that also. Kindly let me know if you have different license key for .net core as i am using in my .net core project ARCON Support 4/6/2022 11:26:32 AM
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