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I'm using the following code to add the keyinfo: ComponentPro.Saml2.Metadata.KeyDescriptor mdKey = new ComponentPro.Saml2.Metadata.KeyDescriptor(); ComponentPro.Saml2.Metadata.KeyDescriptor mdKey2 = new ComponentPro.Saml2.Metadata.KeyDescriptor(); mdKey.Use = "signing"; KeyInfoX509Data keyData = new KeyInfoX509Data(cert); // Create KeyInfo. KeyInfo keyInfo = new KeyInfo(); keyInfo.AddClause(keyData); mdKey.KeyInfo = keyInfo.GetXml(); ssoDescriptor.KeyDescriptors.Add(mdKey); mdKey2 = new ComponentPro.Saml2.Metadata.KeyDescriptor( ); mdKey2.Use = "encryption"; KeyInfoX509Data keyData2 = new KeyInfoX509Data(cert); // Create KeyInfo. keyInfo = new KeyInfo(); keyInfo.AddClause(keyData2); mdKey2.KeyInfo = keyInfo.GetXml(); ssoDescriptor.KeyDescriptors.Add(mdKey2); A vendor has the need to have me send the namespace in the following manner: The code above generates the metadata in the following manner: How do I change it so that it add the "ds:" to the metadata? I can't just do a search/replace since I'm signing it, and there's no obvious method to change it. I'm using ComponentPro.SAML v7.2.40.234. Thanks
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