Negotiation failed. Requested service is not implemented

We are getting an error trying to connect via SFTP. "Negotiation failed. Requested service is not implemented" the client changed thier sftp server settings and removed some ciphers i.e. "twofish", "blowfish" "arcfour". We do not set any Key exchange ciphers, Host Key Algorithms, Encryption Ciphers or MAC Ciphers. We are the default values whem we make the sftp.Connect() call. We are on ComponentPro.SFTp for .NET verison How can I explicilty set the ciphers and Key Algorithms before making the sftp.Connect() call? This is urgent as we cannot connect to the client and upload files.This is the how we have been connecting to the client. Thanks. this.sftpClient = new Sftp(); //Open connection this.sftpClient.Connect(server,port); //Authenticate this.sftpClient.Authenticate(username, password); //set timeout this.sftpClient.Timeout = timeoutSeconds * 1000;
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