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Good Morning, I am trying to integrate Salesforce with my asp dotnet core 3.1 application. Salesforce act as IdP and dotnet application will be SP. I was going through your documentation and downloaded examples too. I am trying to run the sample "Saml2SPInitiatedMvc" solution from your examples on my windows 10 system. It is not running on my local system. My question is, the certificate and Key file comes with the sample project will work on my system also or do I need to generate my own? If it is then how I can generate my own certificate and key from my local system? If you have any documentation could you please direct me. Thanks, Mahesh
asked 4/2/2021 1:15:03 PM
  Hi, I have downloaded the samples. I see "Saml2SalesforceAsIdp-SP-InitiatedMvc" for dot net mvc version. I am looking the same for dot net core version (C#). Could you please let me know where I can download it from? Thanks, Mahesh 4/6/2021 6:30:19 PM
  Ah, Component Pro SAML supports DOTNET CORE, too. Reference: Martin Naude 4/20/2021 2:24:20 PM
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Hi, Component Pro SAML supports DOTNET CORE, too. Reference:
answered 7/3/2021 7:53:10 PM
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