SP-Initiated SSO in MVC where IdP is a Corporate ADFS without ADFS Proxy


We have to support Web SSO in our application using SAML 2.0. Our Customer has ADFS configure in their domain and we hosted our application in the Cloud.

I would like to know how best we can extend our support to Integrate SAML Web SSO using ComponentPro.

I can directly integrate/use the Sample applicatioin in \Samples\Saml\Mvc\CS\ADFS\

Whether i required a ADFS server to be configured from my end to generate SAML request/token to my customer IdP?

I would appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you



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asked 4/3/2017 4:38:35 PM
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If you do not want to expose your actual ADFS server to the Internet, you can use a proxy; otherwise it's not required. If you are having issues connecting to the ADFS server please send us the following information:

  • Please enable log capabilities in your app and send us the log file (please see: http://www.componentpro.com/doc/saml/enabling-trace-log.htm)
  • Is it possible to use SAML Tracer (for Firefox) or SAML Dev Tool extension (for Chrome) to log the activities while using your app to connect to your ADSF server and send us the log file(s)?
answered 11/16/2017 12:41:37 AM
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