Support for Component Pro SAML SSO Library to Identity Server 4 acting as Service Provider

We have built/Implemented Identity Server on IdentityServer4 open source and need to authenticate with external Identity providers like OKTA using SAML 1.0/2.0 protocol. We have used Component Pro SAML SSO 1.0/2.0 library for the same. In the design/Implementation Our IdentityServer4 is the SAML service provider and the external providers here for example OKTA are the SAML identity providers. The application authenticating with our Identityserver4 uses OpenID/OAuth protocol. For the above scenario, the Component Pro IDP initiated example we have looked in. How does Component Pro interpret SAML authentication assertion in Identityserver4 and also please redirect us to the example code on the web if any there for the same?
asked 10/11/2020 6:32:14 AM
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