System.InvalidOperationException on SCP Download Skip

Hi, We use you ComponentPro.Net.Scp control to download directories/files. We would like to ignore some type of files. But when I use the 'Skip' flag in ComponentPro.IO.FileSystemProgressEventArgs to step over an specific download, I get an System.InvalidOperationException. What is the right way to achive our goal with the scp control? Thanks, Bodo Code to reproduce this issue: public void SkipTest() { using(Scp Client = new Scp()) { Client.Progress = Client_Progress; Client.Connect("Server"); Client.Authenticate(...); Client.Download("DatDir/SubDir", @"d:\tmp"); //fires System.InvalidOperationException Client.Disconnect(); } } private void Client_Progress(object sender, ComponentPro.IO.FileSystemProgressEventArgs e) { if(e.State == TransferState.StartDownloadingFile) { if(e.SourcePath.EndsWith(".tmp")) e.Skip = true; } }
asked 3/29/2021 2:51:29 PM
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