Ultimate FTP perf problem

We are facing a performance problem - Why is it significantly slow (around 1 minute) first time for TLS authentication. Second time onwards TLS authentication is fast. When there is gap in communication of some hours (no connection/communication) with the FTP server, then again the significantly slowness is observed for TLS authentication Note this is FTPS
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asked 8/10/2022 2:29:11 AM
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thank you, how do I control the timeout and what is the timeout setting?
answered 8/10/2022 3:25:32 PM
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Hi Lindsay, During TLS handshakes, any certificate chains involved in the connection will need to be validated this is the reason it sometimes takes time. This session keeps this information once until its timeout, it will again perform this process. Hope this answers your question. Thanks for contacting us.
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answered 8/10/2022 8:17:52 AM
  how do I control the timeout and what is the timeout setting? Lindsay 8/10/2022 3:25:55 PM
  This is also a matter of 1-2 minutes. It should not take 1-2 minutes. Lindsay 8/10/2022 3:39:47 PM
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