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I have been looking over the documentation but I have not been able to find any information about how to best write a HTML email. What is the best practice for a HTML mail with this component? The [`MailMessage`][1]'s [`BodyHtml`][2] property is barely documented, doesn't explain if you should also set the [`BodyText`][3] property at the same time or not. Also what should the [`BodyText`][3] property be set to? Is there any easy method to convert a HTML body to a plaintext version? Is it maybe done automatically when I set the [`BodyHtml`][2] property? Should I maybe just set the [`BodyText`][3] property to `"This is a HTML email."`? [1]: https://doc.componentpro.com/ComponentPro-Mail/ComponentPro-Net-Mail-MailMessage [2]: https://doc.componentpro.com/ComponentPro-Mail/ComponentPro-Net-Mail-MailMessage-BodyHtml [3]: https://doc.componentpro.com/ComponentPro-Mail/ComponentPro-Net-Mail-MailMessage-BodyText
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`BodyText` is for Plain text email clients that does not read HTML. You should set both or ignore `BodyText` property.
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