Zipping while uploading to FTP

Dear Sirs, I want to upload a very big file to a ftp server. So far it already works. But I wanted that file on the ftp to be zipped (with encryption). And I want to avoid to first zip it locally and the upload the zip file. Mainly because of the wasted disk space for thet (temporarely) zip file and also, because that would need extra time. So, is there any way to zip the file while it is uploaded to the ftp server? Thanks in advance, Robert Witter
asked 2/9/2018 11:39:25 PM
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2 Answers

Yes, you can use `RealTimeZip` class to achieve that. Please see this topic: [][1]. You can set the `CompressionStream` to a [remote FTP file stream]( [1]:
edited 2/15/2018 4:49:00 AM
answered 2/10/2018 9:17:09 AM
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Thank you very much, works great :-)
answered 2/10/2018 8:26:16 PM
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