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SMTP Mobile Library - SMTP for Xamarin Android, iOS, and .NET CF

Easily compose and send e-mails directly to recipients or via SMTP server. You can also decrypt, encrypt, sign, and validate email messages.

The Ultimate SMTP component is a part of the Mail Component for Mobile which offers a comprehensive interface for composing and sending e-mails directly to recipients or via SMTP server, all from within your application. In addition, it also allows you to decrypt, encrypt, sign, and validate email messages.

If you need SMTP for both .NET Framework and Mobile, visit Ultimate SMTP for .NET.


Sending email messages easily

The SMTP component offers a comprehensive interface for SMTP, providing the developer with everything that he needs to incorporate email sending tasks in an application as listed below:

  • Connect to standard SMTP server or secure SMTP server over TLS/SSL. It supports both Implicit and Explicit security modes
  • Send bulk messages
  • Send to relay SMTP server
  • Quick send with static methods
  • Submit to IIS SMTP queue
  • Support PIPELINING
  • Delivery Status Notification (DSN)
  • Obtain mailbox information
  • ESMTP authentication with LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, NTLM, and Kerberos methods

Supports MIME and S/MIME

When designing the SMTP component, we mainly forcus on ease-of-use, performance, reliability, and flexibility. As a benefit, you do not need to have deep knowledge of how the SMTP protocol is implemented and how to read, encrypt, decrypt, sign and validate a message. SMTP component does all the hard works for you. The following is a list of some key MIME and S/MIME features:

  • Load and save message from/into MailMessage object
  • Supports multiple recipients with To, CC, and BCC headers
  • Attach multiple files
  • Encrypt, decrypt, sign, and validate email messages easily
  • Extract attachments from MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) files
  • Import HTML file or web page into e-mail
  • Forward message as attachment
  • Base64 and Quoted-Printable
  • Fullly support creating and displaying HTML messages with embedded resources such as Image, source, etc. in your applications

Security and Reliability

The Ultimate SMTP component provides industry standard security using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. Our components support strong, commercial grade encryption, and we do not rely on any third-party toolkits which have licensing restrictions or are encumbered by patents. By setting a single property or option, the component automatically handles all of the complex certificate management, protocol negotiation and encryption for you. Even advanced options, such as using client certificates, are handled easily with just a few lines of code.


Supports HTTP Connect, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A & SOCKS5 Proxy Servers

Ultimate SMTP provides full support for Proxy Servers such as HTTP CONNECT, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, and SOCKS5. By simply setting a few properties, you are able to send email messages from SMTP servers through the desired proxy server, providing your application with the greatest flexibility and highest level of security available.


Support for IPv6, the next generation Internet protocol

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), the next-generation protocol designed by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), will gradually replace the current version of the Internet Protocol, IPv4.

With Ultimate SMTP Component, users have an integrated service assurance solution that will provide them with SMTP, and Proxy capabilities in mixed IPv4 and IPv6 environments. This helps organizations with the adoption of and the transition to IPv6 by making the management of such networks seamless.


.NET CF Technology

By using 100% managed code written in C#, the Ultimate SMTP component takes advantage of the numerous built-in features of the .NET Compact Framework to enhance performance, moreover, the component is CLS compliant, and it does not use any unsafe blocks for minimal permission requirements.


Supports many .NET Platforms

Ultimate SMTP is fully compatible with Visual Studio 2005 (.NET CF 2.0) and Visual Studio 2008 (.NET CF 3.5). As a benefit, you are always up-to-date with Microsoft's Technologies when using our products.


Supports event-driven (Asynchronous) and blocking (Synchronous) Design

Most applications written with the SMTP component will be synchronous. Synchronous method gives you the ease-of-use, but it can only returns the control back to the caller after it has finished, meaning that it blocks the execution of the caller for a period of time. Using synchronous method is recommended when you only need to execute one SMTP operation at a time.

You might decide that your design requires an asynchronous sending when it is needed to send email messages simultaneously. Asynchronous methods provide a great deal of power. Asynchronous method is executed on a thread separate from the calling thread. Such operation is useful when an SMTP operation is time consuming and other codes need to execute without waiting for the initial operation to complete. In addition, the user interface will be most responsive when asynchronous methods are used.



The SMTP component has been designed with a great degree of flexibility and can be used with a wide variety of programming languages and different types of development environments. Available as a managed .NET CF class, it is fully supported by languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C#, J#, Managed C++, Borland C# Builder, and Delphi.


Fully Documented

As important as functionality, features and stability are, comprehensive documentation is equally as important to the application developer. This is why the ComponentPro SMTP for .NET CF product includes a Developer's Guide and a complete Technical Reference which documents every property, method and event supported by the component. A printable version of the documentation is included with the product, as well as context-sensitive online help which can be accessed directly from within the development environment.


Lots of complete SMTP client sample in C# and VB.NET

In addition to the fully documented Developer's Guide and a complete Technical Reference, Ultimate SMTP component also includes a number of samples with full source code which help you become familiar with the features of the component and provide code which you can re-use in your own applications. The setup package contains three complete SMTP client applications: SMTP Console Client, SMTP WinForms Client, and SMTP WebForms Client.



ComponentPro understands today's software development requirements which often require support for multiple operating systems and different programming languages. As with all ComponentPro components, the product is licensed to a single developer, and applications built using the SMTP component can be redistributed to as many end-users as needed without additional royalties or runtime licensing fees. Developers are also permitted to install the product on different development systems as long as they are the only one using it and there is no chance that it can be used by more than one developer at the same time.



It was a really good idea for me to switch from the previous suite to your Ultimate Studio few months ago. It has a modern design and the classes saved me a lot of time. Thank you very much...
Robert Osorio - Senior Developer JPMorgan Chase
Our developers have been using the Ultimate Suite for over 6 mons now on an intranet web application. We were very impressed by the feature-set, the ease of use and the great online tutorials and code examples. I will recommend ComponentPro to my colleages.
Mark Deaney - CTO PowerCT

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