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Ultimate SFTP v6.8 Build 3027 is released

This release adds all missing MVC examples to the SAML component and fixes several security issues and critical bugs in FTP, SFTP, ZIP and FileSystem components. It also brings several updates to all components. From this release, we use a new automated build system and bug tracking system to help us deliver new features and bug fixes faster.

  • CUC-308 - Fix a bug that causes the NullReferenceException in the Progress event in some rare cases (ftp, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-307 - The XTrace class is now an instance class instead of a static class. Use the Default property to access all the logging methods. (all)
  • CUC-306 - Fix an issue with loading certificates on UWP (ftp, mail, terminal)
  • CUC-305 - Fix a bug that caused VShell server to abort download incorrectly (ftp)
  • CUC-304 - Fix an issue with multi-threading methods in the EmailValidator class (emailvalidator)
  • CUC-303 - Fix a bug that causes all operations to fail when path length is extractly 260 or 248 (ftp, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-296 - Fix a bug that throws "Invalid key size" exception when connecting to some TLS 1.2 servers (ftp, mail)
  • CUC-294 - [Setup] Fix issue related to locating Visual Studio installed folder (all)
  • CUC-289 - Update Saml2GoogleSSOMvc example (saml)
  • CUC-288 - Update Saml2SalesforceMvc example (saml)
  • CUC-287 - Update Saml2SalesforceAsIdp-IdP-InitiatedMvc Example (saml)
  • CUC-286 - Update Saml2SalesforceAsIdp-SP-InitiatedMvc example (saml)
  • CUC-257 - [Sample/FtpSftpClient] Make Username Textbox shorter. It's quite long (ftp, sftp)
  • CUC-248 - Add support for scanning .MSG (Outlook) messages in a folder (bounceinspector)
  • CUC-247 - Rewrite automated test system to focus on platform and component tests, instead of board tests (all)
  • CUC-243 - Fix a bug in Sftp that caused the rename operation fails sometimes (sftp)
  • CUC-164 - Make File System Classes used by ZIP, FTP, SFTP, SCP extensible (ftp, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-66 - Fix a bug in MemoryFileSystem that caused the Move method to fail with long path patterns (ftp, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-64 - [FileSystem] Multi-thread File Transfer Issue - SftpMultiThreadFileTransfer example (ftp, sftp)
  • CUC-63 - Fix issue with Browse and Resume Upload buttons in FTP | SFTP Resume Transfer example that it is not anchored to the right edge of the form (ftp, sftp)
  • CUC-48 - Fix some minor issues related to SftpServer (sftpserver)
  • CUC-35 - Add Tutorials tab as the 1st one in readme.htm (all)
  • CUC-33 - Add and Unit test FileOverwriteMode.Rename option (ftp, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-32 - Add more unit tests for FileExistsAction.OverwriteNewerFiles (ftp, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-19 - Fix a bug that causes the ListDirectory method to return an item list in an unexpected order in multi-file operations in some cases (ftp, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-18 - Improved API documentatiion (all)
  • CUC-15 - Improve the automated build system for all components to allow releasing new features and bug fixes faster (all)
  • CUC-14 - Rename FileExistsAction to FileOverwriteMode (ftp, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-13 - Add the LogSource property to all networking component classes (bounceinspector, ftp, mail, sftp)
  • CUC-12 - Add ILogger interface to all file system and network classes, Imap, Pop3, Smtp, etc. (bounceinspector, ftp, mail, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-8 - Fix FtpSftpClient example as it does not have task-based files (ftp, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-7 - Add more MVC examples to SAML (saml)
  • CUC-5 - Add more cases to test SearchCondition, Download, Upload, Delete with Path Masks ending with '/' and '\' (ftp, sftp, zip)
  • CUC-4 - Profile Sftp, Ftp and ZIP component #21 for memory usage and performance, result: Good (ftp, sftp, zip)

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Monday, March 20, 2017

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